3W Extra Fun
I am a confessed warbird fanatic but I do like to practice my aerobatics on occasion. This little extra fun fly from 3W should fit the bill.  It comes as a complete package ARF, with a 3w24i and tuned cannister included.  Finished weight should be around 10 lbs for this 80" wingspan fun fly.
Here are the contents of the kit as recieved by Aircraft International.

3W 24i with tuned cannister
I started by mounting the engine to the supplied composite motor cup mount.
The mount has the required right thrust already built in.
Cowl, spinner, prop,
landing gear and
wheel pants mounted.
Throttle servo, choke pull and fuel tank installed.
Futaba 9206 elevator servo with carbon fiber pushrod and robart control horn.
Rudder installed with pull pull cables and robart control horns.
Fut 9206 aileron servo installation.
Rudder servo is also a futaba 9206
Finished weight is 10.7 lbs dry
Prop is an 18/8 3W  wood prop that is included with the kit.
Assembly of this ARF was completed in 20 hrs.
The only drawback encountered is the delicate nature of the model. The lightweight construction requires careful handling to prevent breakage.