In-flight pictures
These shots were taken by Damon Adams at the Warbirds over Louisiana meet in Sulphur Louisiana on 6/28/02. The 3w-60 is now turning a bolly 22/12 at 6900 rpm and really moving the spit at unscale like speeds.
Another high speed pass over the runway
Flaps down, gear down and on final approach.
Heres the stuka on a gun pass at the warbirds over louisiana meet.
Miss america on final at the Warbirds over Louisiana meet.
The bearcat on a high speed pass at bomber field
The bearcat getting up to speed.  Mr. B.B. Weber clocked the bearcat with a radar gun doing 138 mph.
The bearcat landing at bomber field. The radar gun showed a 24mph touchdown speed. The flaps are very effective and cause no pitch chages with application.
This is an inflight shot of the Russian Tupolev Tu-95 bear owned by Mr. B.B.Weber of bomber field. The bear  is truly an awesome spectacle on the ground and in the air. This was the second flight of the big bomber since its creation about 4 yrs ago.  Powered by 4 saito 182 twins, the bear is underpowered and is squeduled to be upgraded to 4 Lazer 300s for the next flight.
P-38 flying with new ZDZ 40s
Flaps & gear down on approach.
Here are some inflight shots of the Bf-109 on its 4th and 5th flights.
Bf-109 in flight at the Edinburg IMAA winter rally of the giants. These awesome inflight shots courtesy of Rick Apitz. Thanks Rick!
P-38 on its 34th flight
Spitfire XIV on flight no. 88
More fantastic inflight shots by Rick Apitz
The Bear about to touch down.
Thunderbolt on its maiden flight
Thunderbolt photos by Luis Abascal