Here is the current lineup:
1/4 SisT Fw190 A         airworthy
1/4 Airworld ME 262    airworthy
1/5 Fei Bao T33            airworthy
1/4 Bf-109                     airworthy
1/5 Rare Bear               airworthy
1/5 Spitfire                    airworthy
1/5 Bates P40 B             (sold)    
1/5 SisT FW190A8         (sold)
1/5 SisT FW190D9        airworthy
1/6 Hobby Hangar OV-10 (retired)
1/6 Me110 electricairworthy  (crashed after hitting a tree)
1/5 P-47  airworthy(sold and replaced by another)
1/5 Corsair           Sold
1/7 Pica FW         retired
Extrafun              hibernating  (sold)

Under construction:
1/4 Ta 152
7/12/18 Current happenings
Been a LONG time since my last update. Ive been regularly updating threads on on various projects. The big Dornier is now version 3.0 having been damaged twice and rebuilt. Still going strong now after 8 years and over 200 flights. I sold the Robart P47 and built another one and will do a post here on that one soon. The FW190D13 is still flying and doing great after 8 years. Ive been doing some jet stuff as well, flying a big 1/5 scale T33 and a 1/4 scale ME262. Currently building a 1/4 scale TA 152 with Kolm 3 cyl power.