10/3/09 current happenings.
The SisT Fw190D9 is now finished and flying. Currently, The 1/5 scale Do-335 is under construction along with a KMP ME110 and the 1/4 scale FW190D13.

Here is the current lineup:
1/4 Bf-109                     airworthy
1/5 Rare Bear             airworthy
1/5 Spitfire                  airworthy
1/5 Bates P40 B         airworthy
1/5 SisT FW190A8     airworthy
1/5 SisT FW190D9     airworthy
1/6 Hobby Hangar OV-10 airworthy
1/6 Me110 electricairworthy
1/5 P-47   airworthy
1/5 Corsair           Sold
1/7 Pica FW         retired
Extrafun              hibernating

Under construction:
1/4 scale FW190D13
1/4 CompArf Corsair