This is my r/c workshop. It is in an upstairs loft room that my wonderful wife decided to let me have.  Im lucky she puts up with me for all the time I spend in here.
Shop pic update
Here is an updated shop pic taken on new years day 2002.  As you can see, the edge 540 and the ultimate are gone( sold) and I am rapidly running out of room.
Shop lineup as of 10/02/02. The warbirds have grown in number.
Shop pic as of 3/25/03. Those of  you with sharp eyes may notice some unfinished warbirds in the lineup. Maybe a zero or warhawk perhaps? Most are covered with dust from the sanding being done on my current project.
New Shop in new garage
Moved to a new house in July 04. New model shop in the garage.
Plenty of storage room for models and building materials.
New shop is 45ft wide and has a 15ft ceiling.
Shop entertainment center.
Moved again in October of 06. Here are some shots of the new workshop.  No more moving!
I think I finally got it right this time.