Yellow Aircraft Spitfire Mk XIV
Here are some pics of my homemade muffler for the 3w-60. The flange is made from mild 1/8 steel plate which has the bolt holes cut into it and is matched to the port on the engine. Header pipe is brazed onto the flange and is in turn brazed onto a small 3 inch section of square steel tubing which is capped at both ends.
two ports are cut into one side of the square tubing onto which 2 copper elbows are silver soldered . There is also a small tab welded onto the square tubing which is bolted onto the side of the engine to prevent vibration.  The copper elbows are the same size as the fiberglass stacks that come with the kit.  As you can see, with the cowl installed, the exhaust will be completely concealed.
Cockpit kit from Dynamic Balsa. Still looking for an authentic british pilot.
Here are some pics of the completed Spitfire

Here are my twins, Megan and Hannah, posing with the completed spitfire.
Looks like Im gonna have to buy 2 trainers when the time comes......
1 1/2 pounds of lead was needed to balance this tail heavy beast. Not bad considering most I've seen have needed 3-4 lbs.  Check back soon for maiden flight photos.
Here is the pica spitfire that was given to me by a friend in slightly damaged condition. You can see the before pics on spitfire page 3.
As you can see, the damage has been repaired and it is now ready to fly.
When it was given to me, the leading edges of the wing on both sides of the fuselage were crunched in as far as the spar. Also, the entire chin beneath the spinner was destroyed from the impact with the ground. Since I didnt have the same colors it was originally painted with, I masked off the markings and gave it an entire new paintjob similar to the yellow spitfire.
Plane was originally powered by a supertigre 4500. Since this is a beam mount engine, and the kit has wooden beam mounts already built it, I decided to use a BME 50 since it was a drop in and no mods were needed other than cowl clearance.
PICA 1/5th scale spitfire Mk 9
BME 50
8 futaba 9204s
yellow aircraft retracts/wheels
fiberglass finish and painted with perfect paints/w dead flat clear

markings are from a profile in the
"Spitfire in Action" book

Still waiting on a suitable muffler before it is flight ready.
  I was finally able to purchase the proper pilot for the spitfire. This is a 12" action figure of a WWII british pilot , complete with flying suit and headgear. It is made by a company called 3 zero and is very rare. If you happen to find one of these, buy it as they are currently going for over 400 bucks on ebay.
Yours truly and the yellow spitfire at the Edinburg winter fly-in.