SisT 1/5 scale FW190D9
This is the color scheme I will be using. Its Hans Dortenman's "Black 1"
Same as on my 1/7th scale PICA fw190d9.
Documentation from Eagle cals showing '003 as it evolved from "red 1" to "yellow 1" to finally " Black 1".
Fuselage is the same type of construction as the A8 model.
Installing the servo hatch cover platforms in the wings
Futaba 9206 flap servo installed. Servo plate is removable for servo maintenence.

Ailerons hinged.
Wing guns and ply reinforcement plate installed.
Cowl ring installed with aeropoxy.
New firewall made from 1/2 ply. This to better handle the power output of the 3w55i.
Firewall installed with aeropoxy and some carbon fiber cloth.
3w55i mounted.
The cylinder head will protrude slightly. A G45 will fit fully enclosed but I opted for the extra power.
Front fuselage ply formers installed with aeropoxy.
Frontal view with the prop and spinner mounted.
Sierra precision air cylinder installed inside the fuse to actuate the sliding canopy.
Gunhood with scratch built G10 formers installed with aeropoxy.  I made these to keep the gunhood rigid because it gets opened and closed alot.
Canopy frame and G10 inner frame installed. I added the ply section at the rear to make the canopy match the fuselage contour.
Landing gear is done the same as the Fw190A8.
Made a scale radiator for the cowl. It will also serve as a baffle plate to direct incoming air to the cylinder head. Plate is 1/16th ply covered with fliteskin and the radiator details are styrene plastic.