FW190D-13 "Yellow 10"
Ever since I visited the Champlin fighter museum, I've always wanted to build a big Fw190D. Since I may compete in scale competition with this airplane, I need a subject with excellent documentation. Most 190Ds were flown towards the end of the war so good docs on this subject are hard to find. Only 2 examples have survived to the present day. One of them is the Fw190D-13 "Yellow 10" that was brought to the USA at the end of the war for evaluation and survived to be restored to flying condition.  This airplane is now painted in its original wartime camoflauge configuration and is well documented. It was flown by Major Gotz (60 victories) who was the Kommodore of JG26 at the end of the war. This model will be built entirely from scratch. It will be of all balsa and ply construction and Im shooting for a target weight of 37 lbs. Here are the planned specs:
Power        BME 110 extreme twin                                wingspan       104"
Gear           Sierra Precision                                            Wheels      Glennis
Radio         Futaba                                                             Finish        PPG automotive

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